Sean hannity’s real estate portfolio raises questions about ethics.


Talk-show hosts reportedly amassed a large portfolio of real estate portfolios during the foreclosure crisis. Some of the houses were bought with HUD support, he did not disclose when he interviewed HUD secretary.
David green, host:
For the second week in a row, fox news star Sean hannity has found himself at the center of the journalistic ethics debate. A week ago, it was the legal personnel relationship between Mr Hanniti and Mr Trump’s lawyer, who is under criminal investigation. This week, Hannity’s personal property empire was in uproar, and whether he should disclose his financial conflicts of interest. This is NPR’s yuki noguchi.
YUKI NOGUCHI, wired: Sean hannini spoke with fox news last June and praised the trump administration’s secretary for housing and urban development, Ben Carson.
(fox news)
SEAN HANNITY: why did you give up your brain surgeon?
BEN CARSON :(laughter)
Hannis: I know you did a good job.
NOGUCHI: Hannity did not disclose that he personally invested tens of millions of dollars in real estate to benefit from the agency’s loan program. The guardian’s first reported Hannity investment news bothered Kelly McBride, a vice President at the Poynter Institute. ‘disclosure of potential conflicts of interest is standard practice,’ says Mr. McBridard, and many news organizations, including NPR, publicly offer those policies.
KELLY MCBRIDE: it’s a good accountability and transparency, but Fox didn’t publish their standards. I’ve never seen them.
NOGUCHI: it happened after announcing that Hannity was a client of Michael Cohen, a trump lawyer, whose family offices and hotel rooms were raided by the FBI. As McBride says, hanniti often defends the men in the air without revealing the connection.
MCBRIDE: there seem to be so many conflicts of interest – not just his relationship with trump, but also his relationship with trump’s lawyer, and now his business arrangements actually involve the support of the federal government.
NOGUCHI: fox news spokesman declined to comment on the conflict of interest policy in his newsroom. Instead, she mentions Hannity’s statement on its website, in part, that I don’t have any HUD involved in any of these investment roles or responsibilities. Fox also pointed out his own radio program in March, and he generally talked about his investments with hensler financial, which deals with his real-estate investments.
HANNITY: I used them for my financial transactions, all of which – full disclosure. We did some business deals together, and so on…
NOGUCHI: however, for McBride, fox’s lack of transparency about his rules can lead to this problem. Yuki noguchi, NPR News, Washington.


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