Kim kardashian tells us that her life is like this every day, and it’s actually crazy

PARIS, FRANCE - SEPTEMBER 29: Kim Kardasian West and Kanye West arrive at the BALMAIN after party on September 29, 2016 in Paris, France. (Photo by Marc Piasecki/GC Images)

Kim kardashian west may have started her own career “famous for being famous”, but no one can accuse today’s real-life celebrity mogul. In addition to keeping in touch with the kardashians (and showing no signs of slowing down), Kim is a writer, producer and entrepreneur, with the beauty and fragrance of success.

Kim recently in Los Angeles, Create&Cultivate conference keynote speeches, and real life the best of friends and fellow entrepreneurs Allison Statter (Blended the Strategy Group, a co-founder of the) with keynote speeches, to the couple to introduce their work – and when we are involved in secret learned all of gold enterprise. (well, not all, but what we’ve learned is that we’re starting to work on our vision boards now.)

As an influencer, take advantage of it as a new business

Kim Kardashian West: “It happened real organic organization, I know that social media will become a great tool, I like a free focus group started its – only know different demographic and people all over the world are focusing on I like my relationship with the fans, the whole process, I pushed back and forth with a lot of fans, I really value their opinion, so I think if you really like it, and you really focus on this, people actually is diy – I know some people have other people do social media, I really don’t think it works – you can really see the power of it. “

Why does her INGRAGRAM GRID have this particular aesthetics

Kim Kardashian West: “my sets began to become very confusion, so I got someone to help, one of my friends helped me to filter content and choose all the colors, but it is a full-time job.”

PARIS, FRANCE – SEPTEMBER 29: Kim Kardasian West and Kanye West arrive at the BALMAIN after party on September 29, 2016 in Paris, France. (Photo by Marc Piasecki/GC Images)

Allison Statter: “it all comes from her, she doesn’t give herself enough credit, and although she has someone to help her, she’s really deciding how everything looks.”

Kim Kardashian West: “I’m obviously providing all the images, but we’re going to be like, ‘ok, I think we want to go into pink or red. ‘or, I have come out according to the project, we know that everything is tonal, so we map it out, sometimes I want to post something, we will filter it, just to make sure everything is the same. ”

Allison Statter: “everyone is different, I think some influential people have an aesthetic view of cohesion, work very well for them, their brand is very popular, then I think the other influential people wouldn’t do that, that’s their voice, that’s their expressions, this is the way they communicate with the audience, but so long as has the authenticity, I think this is the most important. ”

Behind the crazy story is king’s valentine’s day package

Kim Kardashian West: “well, perfume is a really hard digital market to sell because nobody can smell it, so you really have to have a good introduction. The packing at the last minute of valentine’s day together, I don’t even go to took a photograph for this – and then four days ago, I decided to do, we can figure out how to make these big hearts together in four days.


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