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The car industry often refers to “hot cars” because “hot cars” represent the most high-profile cars on the market, and the more attention they get, the better sales they get. Like stars, there is a lot of attention, and popularity is the key to a star’s income.

Also not popular car like eight lines of small stars, although still exist in the car market, but they seldom buy, because although there are a large part of the car itself, cannot satisfy the demand of the market, but there are still a lot less popular models worthy of attention, maybe it is suitable for your car?

This week’s introduction is BMW’s first all-electric car, the BMW i3.

As the BMW’s first commercial pure electric vehicles is one of the most famous automobile manufacturers, the BMW i3 concept car has caused widespread attention, in after the release of the appearance of the novel and rich sense of science and technology design, interior like shuttle cockpit, add pure electric form, this is the car of the future is not display.

But surprisingly, BMW’s i3, which is still sold abroad, is an “endangered species” at home because you can’t see it on the road. So it’s one of the least popular BMGS in the world.

So why doesn’t BMW i3 have a market in China?

One, price.

BMW i3 price as high as 7 ~ 90000, the guidance of domestic and imported as ability, so the government would not enjoy new energy subsidies, plus basic not listed on the early advantage, which makes the price is too high, 7 ~ 90000 this price can choose to have too many models, plus the tesla tens of thousands of even can buy. Although it has the same rights as other electric vehicles, the i3 is still too low. And because carbon fiber car cab design, if the accident repair costs are very high.

However, the BMW i3 offers many discounts. The discount is roughly between 33 and 360,000 and the price performance is still higher than before.

2. Modeling and interior decoration.

While the BMW i3 was amazing at the time of its launch, I do feel that the model is not positioned at the right level after seeing the real car. This, in particular, is a disaster. Although the design of the BMW i3 is used to open the door, but before and after completely out of proportion, especially the three window too is not natural, also don’t know how to think, BMW designers or design of the suspension roof cannot save i3 Fang Yan.

Secondly, BMW advocate environmental protection, interior feeling is wood science and technology, but due to its natural fiber is widely used, and seat only use the cloth seats, which can result in interior material does not match with the price, so the hard to avoid can let a person produce psychological gap, unable to attract consumers.

Control and endurance.

Control has been BMW’s selling point, but it does not show the i3’s “BMW quality” controls. In particular, the i3 underperforms filters and fetal noise due to the use of narrow tyres of 155mm and 175mm wide. And also because

The features of its electric cars, the power-recovery Settings for throttle reduction, are also hard for many to accept.

In terms of mileage, the new BMW i3 has increased mileage to 200 kilometers. While this was a huge boost for the last model, the range between 50,000 miles and 70,000 dollars was only 200 kilometers and 200 miles. Of course, if it’s just a family commute, that’s enough.

BMW, however, has a bright spot. Although the BMW i3 is short in length, the space is still very spacious. Both in the head and legs, the space performance is very good, and the storage performance is also good, so driving the BMW i3 with a family in the countryside is sure to be ok. Most importantly, the BMW i3 is equipped with technology, and the easy-to-use i-drive system also provides more entertainment and security for travel.

So, in the final analysis the cause of the BMW i3 more or reflected in consumers temporarily unable to accept the new energy cars, coupled with the government and automobile manufacturers in the related supporting facilities is not perfect, directly triggered a lot of new models In the development of energy layer is blocked.

But as these problems are resolved, BMW has improved the model by changing the model, and the i3 is believed to be a new economical new energy model in the future. After all, BMW is the first new energy car to be officially launched, and BMW will definitely launch the I series.


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