Eric Sc ??hmidt step down as Alphabet executive chairman


Google’s former chief executive, Eric Schmidt was resigning as search engines (Eric Schmidt) Alphabet Post position, executive director of the parent company, he was a key figure in the Google, is also the key to the development of its characters.

The alphabet said tonight that he will leave in January to serve as a technical adviser to the board.

Three years after schmidt founded Google in 2001, the company has a balance sheet of about $35 million (26 million pounds).
It currently has about $1.058 billion in cash, according to the latest report, making it one of the largest technology companies in silicon valley.

Co-founder larry page and sergey brin talked about Mr. Schmitt’s past involvement in providing “adult supervision” at the company, both of which were founded with the company’s PhD students.

Mr Schmidt served as Google’s chief executive and executive chairman in 2011. In his leadership role, he oversaw Google’s 2004 U.S. stock market, which rose nearly $2 billion and was reorganized into English letters.

Mr Schmidt tweeted that he was eager to “delve into science, technology and philanthropy”.
“Time is right,” the email said in a statement.

“In recent years, I have spent a lot of time on technical issues and philanthropy, and I plan to expand it.”

The judge said he expected to appoint a non-executive chairman in the New Year.


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