Five reasons why individual brands can not be reached in 2018


Why does everyone suddenly want to be a LinkedIn name? Does anyone like me to read “hackers” of all brands? After all, achieving a good personal brand is not just a decoy algorithm.

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There’s nothing wrong with that: it’s important to have a great personal brand. In fact, having a personalized online footprint is critical to your business strategy when it comes to becoming a truly innovative entrepreneur or industry professional.

Research confirms this. Kredible found that 52 percent of suppliers said they had lost business because customers found or did not find information about them online.

This is shocking because entrepreneurs and founders of startups can’t get potential customers the wrong information. And no information can be the same problem. Job seekers also go online for prospective employers. According to Jobvite’s survey of recruiters, 95 percent of respondents believe that a competitive personal brand is an important differentiator to attract the best job seekers in today’s job market.

I find this to be true: my personal brand offers me unlimited opportunities, from building large businesses and partnerships to travel reasons and everything in between.

So let’s add luster to your game in 2018: that’s why entrepreneurs, solopreneurs (and others) should focus on their personal brand in the New Year:

Image is everything.

If you believe in the husband you need, the more modern version is that you must move forward with the best face. Although many hours driving application is driving from hiring or delete photos and the name of the purchase process, reduce the possibility of racial and gender bias, but also using pictures and visual brand also has a positive reason.

This is because professionals can collect a lot from online visual brands. As a supplier profile photos online profile Pros, chief executive, Claire Bahn, share with me of my own personal brand, “experts estimate that less than one over ten of a second time can let a person from your photos in your impression. If their initial impression is negative, they won’t read your profile or dig into it. ”

Personal bands are your control.

Let’s face it. Many of us have some content of images – or angry Facebook roar – we may not be suitable for potential employers, business partner or a date, when they are in our Google our names.

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In the past, I was the target of an online defamation campaign, and I had to deal with my negative background news. Most of the online world is out of our control. Therefore, it is important to extend the network as much as possible. This is why having a positive personal brand strategy is a key part of controlling your image online. I learned that if I didn’t write my own story, others would, not the story I wanted to share.

The more you post online, the more these efforts will help you move beyond potentially negative content.

In addition, when people search for topics related to your work, they find high-quality content, and they are more likely to become experts on competitors. Bahn, explained: “when someone found you to be able to show your professional knowledge, interest and ability, if someone found a blog, pulse, etc., show that you are an effective communicator, they are more likely to focus you further.


[source picture: Jolygon/iStock]The same is true for applicants. A hr representative who compares two candidates is more likely to choose someone who has a lot of quality content on the web, no matter what he or she shares on a resume.
Make you a self-centered world.

As Bahn says: “people used to have one or two online profiles, but if they included dating profiles, they now average nearly nine. There’s a lot more research on you.

With so much social information, it’s important to carefully choose and manage who is looking. LinkedIn’s recent acquisition of Microsoft is another sign that professionals are recognizing the importance of social profiles.

Influencer marketing gives way to sponsored content.

Popular trends on content platforms such as YouTube and Instagram have created many brands that use popular accounts to promote their products. As a result, every platform is bombarded by “influencers” trying to sell products smartly without making the efforts look like advertising.

However, consumers are falling, tolerant of this behavior platform as they even the U.S. government is considering how to control these subtle advertising, hidden in the brand advertising revenues at the same time avoid the FTC regulations.

The likely outcome is to promote more open and honest content marketing on these platforms. If you are an entrepreneur, and trying to get your product or service in front of consumers, so you’d better to create real, honest sponsored content, it can also provide you with the back-end data, production of advertising effectiveness. It’s impolite to rely on an influencer to casually mention that he or she likes your product.

Realize that building a brand takes time.

Whether you’re thinking about managing your personal brand or not, the truth is, it’s not something you can do overnight. Of course, you can refresh your LinkedIn profile, delete those embarrassing photos, or let some of your personal information confidential, but this is only a small part in the whole process of brand promotion.

Effective personal branding can help build new relationships and make you aware of work or new customers. It can help you build your community, build your own authority, and ultimately make more money for you.

Developing a strong online business and a consistent brand of social profiles will help you develop your digital footprint and tell people when to think about all the right things to do with you.

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When you start planning growth in 2018, consider clearly defining what you bring as a professional and what your business provides to consumers. This information is then disseminated in the right place on the Internet.


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