Jin lun: apple panic! Lei jun is urgent! Jobs was furious!


These two days cook and lei jun’s heart is not quite calm.

Cook received a $12 million year-end bonus, or about $136 million if you add his $3 million salary, $121 million worth of stock awards, and about $682,000 in allowances.

But apple’s share price has fallen since October and more than $300 billion has been wiped out from its peak. Cook was already a little restless. Shareholders and Internet users alike poked fun at Mr Cook, with some even Shouting “what about huawei yu chengdong?”

On January 3, apple unexpectedly announced after the first trading day of 2019 that it would cut its revenue guidance for the first fiscal quarter of 2019 (i.e., the fourth quarter of 2018). Revenue is expected to be about $84 billion in 2019, and operating expenses are expected to be about $8.7 billion.

“While we anticipated some of the challenges we would face in the critical emerging markets, we did not foresee the scale of the failure to decelerate, particularly in greater China,” Mr Cook said. “In fact, most of the revenue gaps and more than 100 percent of the global revenue declines in our guidance have occurred in greater China, covering products such as the iPhone, Mac and iPad.

Mr. Cook is not alone in his anxiety.

Lei jun also begins to explode these two days. On January 10, redmi little king kong Note7 officially released, lei jun in the release day for its angry dui friend business.

Looking back at xiaomi’s stock, the Hong Kong stock market has recently hit record lows. Xiaomi group fell 6.85 per cent to hk $10.34 a share on jan 9, setting another new listing low. There was a rebound on January 11th but the general trend remained unchanged. Mr. Lei and other controlling shareholders promised not to sell all their shares for a year. Meanwhile, senior vice President and CFO of xiaomi group zhou shouzi made the same commitment.

Before that, lei jun had another eye-catching action: on the afternoon of January 6, TCL group announced that xiaomi group purchased 6516.8803 million shares in the secondary market through shenzhen stock exchange on January 4, 2019, accounting for 0.48% of the total capital stock of the company. Industry evaluation is: lei jun baotuan TCL into everyone electricity.

Since 1997, apple has had only two ceos, Steve jobs and Tim cook. Jobs was a paranoid, bad-tempered tech geek who wanted to change the world, and money didn’t matter at all.

From kazuo inamori’s point of view, he is one of those spontaneous people who can try to get things done without being inspired by others. He has an astounding perfectionism to his products, so he also wants to make the layout of the computer’s internal wiring as aesthetically pleasing as possible, rather than just throwing it in.

However, cook is a completely different kind of person. He is more capable of making money and more willing to make money by extracting the residual innovative value of existing products. Therefore, after the death of jobs on October 5, 2011, apple has no truly revolutionary innovative products, because product innovation is really not cook’s specialty.

When profits could slip, Mr Cook reacted almost instinctively by raising prices. When the product is at a relatively reasonable price, the appropriate price increase is tolerable for apple fans, after all, the apple experience is indeed higher.

But when a phone sells for more than $1 million, and consumer spending weakens, apple’s strategy falls apart.

Over the past two days, major e-commerce companies have been announcing price cuts for apple’s latest mobile phone, some of which have been as high as 1,000 yuan, just three months after the launch of the new model, which is unprecedented in apple’s history.

What happened to apple? Enter inflection point apple, will the future face the same fate as nokia?

From cook’s point of view, he doesn’t think there’s a big problem with the product, just the purchasing power in greater China, and he’s smug about the 100 million people who have signed up. Where will such a CEO take apple?

In short, cook is the unimaginative, consummate CEO who is lethal to a technology company of apple’s magnitude.

“Huawei doesn’t need to promote domestic products. We only rely on products and innovation to gain market share,” ren said. This latter half of the sentence is similar to jobs’s point of view. Mr. Cook is clearly closer to the thinking of another dot-com veteran in China, a company that is already in recession.

According to lei, who defines hongmi as a national mobile phone, 278 million hongmi phones have been sold in the past five years as of Q3 2018. The upgrade of the hongmi mobile phone brand means that hongmi has been transformed from a product line of xiaomi into an independent brand with the use of the then global name Redmi.

So what will xiaomi do in the future?

Take a look at xiaomi’s official announcement:

The future strategy of mi mobile phone business, the first is to do better products, do higher quality;

The second strategy is multi-brand operation;

The third strategy is globalisation.

Sorry, I didn’t see a single exciting highlight.

What lei jun is doing is more about laying horizontal resources and channels, such as overseas expansion, so as to gain more sales. I can’t see!

Some people in the industry jokingly called lei jun “ray booth”, but in fact, lei jun and jobs are totally two kinds of people.

He was gentle and gentle, and jobs was defiant, even rude. Lei jun is good at integrating resources. He can make a good mobile phone by constantly pursuing the cost performance on the existing resources, but he always seems to lack confidence. Therefore, lei jun will focus on a question on zhihu: “why is huawei a national brand when it is also a domestic mobile phone, but xiaomi, which has the largest market share in India, not a national pride?”

Jobs would knock on the table and do whatever it took to achieve his dream of making a disruptive product that failed and failed, but never stopped. He returned from the apple orchard, named the company apple, he is critical of his collaborators to the extreme, he is a wayward child, have the inspiration of unrestrained, lei jun obviously introverted and self-discipline a lot.

Compared with jobs, who came from jianghan plain and graduated from wuhan university, and graduated from reed college (one of the “new ivy” schools) and grew up in cupertino, the “heart of silicon valley”, there is a huge gap in information flow, personal resources, talent and other aspects.
Jobs will always be jobs.

In short, huawei can do whatever lei jun wants to do now, and do it better.

I believe that both cook and lei jun are seriously thinking about how to seek new breakthroughs. For companies like apple and xiaomi, it doesn’t make much sense to continue to pursue the growth of quantity in the red sea war, no matter from which direction the quantity comes.

So, I’m indifferent to cook’s boasting of 100 million registered users in the past year, and I’m also unimpressed that lei jun is teaming up with TCL and seems ready to make a big bet on red rice.

Where is the disruption? What’s the breakthrough? This is what the two bosses should focus on, some things to the general manager of marketing to do, the core soul of the people to focus on the product is always.

I even suggested that the boards of directors and major shareholders of the two companies abandon the pursuit of high performance growth, increase the pursuit of product iteration, and seize the commanding heights at all costs.

The world needs a revolutionary communication tool, not necessarily a better phone. Can cook provide it? Can lei jun provide?

In the era of 5G, the Internet of everything, the mobile phone may be the BP of the last century, will be crushed at any time, the mobile phone screen into flexible screen or curved surface, that is not a great innovation, will not cause the market to scream.

In the future, people may just need a small ring, a button or a lighter to generate a virtual scene to complete a conversation. Musk even proposed the possibility of a brain-computer interface two years ago.

Some have even suggested microchip models for communications, health monitoring and gaming, or simply swallowing a pill with a built-in chip.

Cook, who was born in 1960, is an old man who lacks imagination. Born in 1969, lei jun is still young and can shout “life and death see light, not to do”! But it would be hard for either of them to be the “living to change the world” figure jobs once described.

Eight years after jobs left, the question of who would change the world is the ultimate one.


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