How to invest in the US school district


The division of school districts is not directly related to districts, and districts and school districts often overlap or “cross children”. Many people mistakenly believe that a good school district is the city/region where the school is located. Indeed, there are some School districts that overlap with districts. However, to know the exact division of school districts, it is necessary to check with the specific agent. How to choose a good school district how to choose a good school district in areas with high housing prices, American The schools are divided into public schools and private schools. In the United States, more than three-quarters of the schools are public schools, so public education is the mode of education for the vast majority of American students. Public schools are funded by government taxes And students are divided by school district, requiring only an address in a local school district to enroll for free. Because public schools are totally dependent on the governmen t for their income, the residential property tax in the school district is an important part of the school income. Generally, more than 50% of the district property tax is used for the daily resource allocation of schools in the school district. As a result , the government can obtain high property taxes due to the high housing prices in the middle class or the rich residential areas, which also produces many “quality school districts”. In New York, the department of education publishes an annual ranking of schools based on Three criteria: the school environment (including student attendance) accounts for 15 percent; Student performance, in which junior and primary schools are measured based on students’ results in the hkcee in English and mathematics. High school is the key to the study area, Generally measured according to the graduation rate of students, accounting for 30% of the total score; Student progress, including whether the school is effective in helping students make progres s, accounts for 55 percent of the total score. In California, the government measures the performance of primary and secondary schools each year primarily through API scores. What is the API? API, also known as the California public school academic performance audit index, The indicators are divided into basic indicators and growth indicators. The basic indicators are calculated based on the standardized test scores of school students, which are converted into a score The “target line” for all schools in California is 800. Higher scores mean better academic performance. The growth index is calculated based on the change trend of the basic index compared with the same period in previous years, which can Reflect the change of academic performance of the school over a period of time. The authorities have a strong authority, relatively speaking, can be used as a reliable basis for the selection of school district housing. The community environment that inspects good school district roomss school district room to be in outside the school actor that pays attention to the The quality of residents reflects the cultural and educational level of a community, and the investigation can Focus on the ratio of race, divorce rate, the ratio of family and single, and the education level of residents. For Chinese people, it is a big plus if there are Chinese supermarkets nearby, because this often means that the surrounding area has become a mature area where Chinese gather. The public security situation may inquire the local crime rate report through the website, conditional also may on -the-spot investigation. If the purchase of school district housing is for the purpose of investment, then the regional location of the house first to choose in the developed economy, dense population, high demand for housing. For example, in the vicinity of Some famous universities, students’ quality is high and housing demand is large, so the house has more room for appreciation. Secondly, the purchase of school district housing to pay attention to the rent is high, the overall quality of the population, rental convenient Worry. In places where rents are cheap, it is possible to meet tenants of varying qualities, who may face difficult problems such as poor reputation, unstable income, easy rent arrears and property destruction. Such risks must be taken into consideration. Finally, dedicated For the school district room “, a good school district room is more conducive to protection, under the condition of the market is good, easy to rising house, state of weakness in the housing mark


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