Thailand home investment guide


Thailand real estate investment starting point is low, stable yield and good market trend, attracting the attention of many overseas investors. Follow go abroad study abroad the net looks abroad personage Thailand buys a house investment guide together.
Property types in Thailand there are two types of property in Thailand: land property and non-land property. The former are mostly apartments, while the latter include detached houses and townhouses

Under the supervision of Thai law, land properties such as independent houses and townhouses can only be purchased by Thai nationals and Thai companies. Overseas people are free to buy and own non-land properties. If you own a joint stock company or a Thai spouse in Thailand, you can purchase a detached house, a townhouse, or even land in the name of the company or spouse. If you choose to set up a limited company, keep in mind that the company must be 51% or more owned by Thai nationals. Foreigners are not allowed to own half or more of the company. Second, Thailand property ownership type besides Thailand property type is different, property ownership in Thailand also have two different kinds, respectively is: the permanent ownership (Freehold) : as the name suggests, when you buy a permanent ownership of apartment in Thailand, you can permanently with the ownership of the property, in the future can also keep the property resale to others; Leasehold: as opposed to permanent ownership, if you buy a Thai property with Leasehold, it means you are only buying the home to the owner for a certain period of time. After the deadline, you need to return the house to the owner. The term of lease ownership shall not exceed 30 years and may be renewed upon expiration. 3. The quota limit for foreigners to buy houses in Thailand overseas investors who buy houses in Thailand will also be limited in the real estate quota: according to the regulations of the Thai government, 51% of the total area of real estate in Thailand shall be reserved for the purchase of Thai nationals, while overseas investors can only buy the real estate with the total area not more than 49%.