Amazon added a second headquarters in cities to steal the lead


People in several American cities are wondering: where will amazon choose to build its second headquarters?
According to a recent report in the Wall Street journal, amazon will set up its new headquarters in two cities. Reports say the company is considering queens, New York City; Arlington, Virginia; and Dallas, Texas. The New York times reported that Dallas was not under consideration, and that queens and Arlington were.
Amazon will keep its current headquarters in Seattle, Washington.
Adam Sedo, a spokesman for the company, said amazon declined to comment.

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Amazon’s decision to build a new headquarters has led to competition among major U.S. cities. Many cities are vying for the 50,000 new jobs the company is offering. Amazon says most of the new jobs are high-paying.
Amazon told the cities it wanted local financial incentives, such as tax cuts or other agreements. The company also wants to run cities with more than 1 million people, a nearby airport, good public transportation and lots of land.
The company received 238 proposals and selected 20 in January.
The unusual decision to allocate 50,000 jobs to two cities will allow the company to select suitable candidates. It would also ease the pressure on housing and transportation, according to the Wall Street journal.
The New York times reported that amazon staffers met with New York governor Andrew Cuomo last month. The newspaper noted that the New York state government could provide hundreds of millions of dollars in incentives. Amazon also met with New York City mayor Bill DE Blasio.
“I can change my name to amazon cuomo if I need to,” the governor said, according to the New York times.
Amazon said it could invest more than $5 billion in its new headquarters over the next 17 years. That’s about the size of the headquarters in Seattle. The Seattle headquarters has 33 buildings, 23 restaurants and 40,000 employees.
Jeff Bezos, amazon’s chief executive, said the new headquarters would be “on par” with its Seattle headquarters.
Amazon employs about 600,000 people. That number is expected to keep climbing as amazon builds more warehouses across the country to meet online orders for its products.


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