Brazil’s presidential candidate bossonaro is likely to win Sunday’s election.


Mr Posonaro says he knows one thing that might help the economy: niobium.

Niobium is a metal that can be added to steel products to increase strength and reduce quality. Niobium in the auto industry, space

Many industries, such as navigation companies, are in short supply.

Brazil produces nearly 85 per cent of the world’s niobium. Mr Posonaro wants to preserve Brazil’s market position.

In 2016, posonaro produced a 20-minute YouTube video about the value of niobium and its impact on Brazil

The economic future of the future.

Brazil’s military dictatorship lasted from 1964 to 1985. During the dictatorship, Brazil always wanted to protect natural resources, such as oil

, minerals, not used by foreign companies.

Posonaro was previously an army officer. He has long supported a military-led government, but he has also said he supports the military

Free market economy, that’s his position as a presidential candidate.

The video in 2016 was shot at a mine owned by a private Brazilian company called BMCC

(it is). Mr. Posonaro praised the company’s record of supporting the miners with initiatives like private kindergartens.

He added that Brazil could become rich if it supported the way the company was growing and focused on niobium’s “” future” ”

Application “.

That same year, a Chinese company, molybdenum corp of China (COMC), bought a niobium mine 200km from the Brazilian company.

Mr Posonaro is thought to be the first presidential candidate to use niobium as a bargaining chip. He spoke on state television in August

In response, he condemned Chinese companies’ purchases of niobium.

‘niobium is unique to Brazil,’ he said. ‘we should invest in research and use niobium more, but we use niobium.

Sold it to someone else.

Mining experts say Mr Posonaro’s fear of niobium is overblown.

Hugo niederle is chief executive of the Brazilian mining and metallurgical company. China molybdenum’s Brazilian mines account for only the global market, he said

Of 10%.
The Brazilian mining and metallurgical company’s share is nearly 75%. In a statement, BMC told Reuters

It is the only company with a market share in all niobium minerals, for example, which it sells to make aircraft

And superconductors.

The company also said there is great potential to expand niobium applications, such as products such as car batteries.

If the niobium market continues to expand, it is unlikely to have any impact on the Brazilian economy, Mr Niederle said.

Minerals make up 5% of Brazil’s GDP, and if you take away niobium, there is nothing left, he says.

GDP is the most commonly used measure of a country’s goods and services.

Nadler remained faithful.

In video, he said niobium could make Brazil economically independent


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