Cryptocurrency investors: no U.S. economic meltdown is inevitable, recommend buying cryptocurrencies.


Kim Dotcom, a German-born Finnish Internet entrepreneur and well-known investor in digital currency, said that in the next few years, the United States

The country’s economy will inevitably fall into a collapse.

Like well-known economists such as Peter Schiff and Nouriel Roubini

As predicted, if the US market deteriorates for a long time, then Dotcom will firmly say that crypto and precious metals such as gold

Together, as a steady and stable value reserve, it will attract investors.

He said: In the next few years, the US economy will inevitably fall into a collapse. The United States now pays $500 billion a year

Interest to pay off debts. US debt adds $1 trillion annually. This is an irreversible death spiral. Self-destruction

And the collapse of the dollar is inevitable. Selling dollars and US stocks. Buy gold and cryptocurrency.

Concerns about the US economy

As the world’s most powerful economy, the US economy has an important impact on Asia and Europe. When the US stock market encounters near

In the worst selling year of the year, analysts reported that the Asian market has become more vulnerable to potential crashes.

Kathy Lien, Managing Director of BKAM Forex Strategy, said: “This is not a positive growth environment, so the emerging market

The pressure on the field will be greater than the US market. “Unfortunately, this is just the beginning. I think that when market sentiment happens like this

When they change, their duration always exceeds the time we want to see, and we may see that the sell-off continues for a while.


So if the US economy is predicted by many economists and large financial institutions like JPMorgan,

A major crash in 2020, it will have a more dramatic impact on Asian stock markets, real estate and financial markets.


The US debt problems mentioned by Dotcom are recognized by economists and government agencies such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF). IMF

It has recently been stressed that the United States must stop ignoring the seriousness of federal debt held by the public.

“Even if you think public debt has nothing to do with economic outcomes, you have to admit that when we encounter a recession,

The debt is as high as we are now, and the government is unlikely to take major steps,” the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities

Senior researcher Jared Bernstein said.

Sonja Gibbs, Senior Director, Capital Markets and Emerging Markets Policy, International Finance Institute, expressed in an interview with CNBC

Regarding Bernstine’s views, he said that the US will stimulate growth and promote its expansion will be more challenging. Economic debt


Unprecedented growth rate of cryptocurrency

In the next 10 years, with the popularity of cryptocurrencies, businesses, retailers and businesses are beginning to accept digital assets as

A suitable payment method, Dotcom added, will provide consumers with unparalleled financial freedom and increase

The value of digital assets.

“Crypto is accelerating the replacement of fiat. It’s still too early, but within 10 years you can pay for your money in cryptocurrency.

Some bills, goods and services. There will be no more bankers and politicians taking your money to gamble in the casino. Encryption + Encryption = Self

by. He explained.


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