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Finance, it seems, dominates human society, as if it were at the pinnacle
of human civilization. Once become financial personage, can serve as CEO,
marry bai fumei, walk on life peak? What kind of jobs are there in the
financial industry? What is the nature and content of the job? Is it really
like the movie “Wall Street” inside so extravagant, powerful, unlimited

I. employment trend of finance graduates:

From the employment
situation in recent years, finance graduates usually have several trends:

Commercial Banks, including the four major Banks and joint-stock commercial
Banks, urban commercial Banks and domestic branches of foreign Banks.

Securities companies, including fund management companies; Shanghai stock
exchange, shenzhen stock exchange and futures exchange.

3. Trust and
investment company, financial investment holding company, investment
consulting company, large enterprise financial company.

4. Financial holding
group, four asset management companies, financial leasing and guarantee

5. Insurance companies and insurance brokers.

The central
(people’s) bank, the banking regulatory commission, the securities
regulatory commission and the insurance regulatory commission are the
financial industry regulatory bodies.

7. China development bank,
agricultural development bank of China and other policy Banks.

security fund management center or social security bureau, usually in the
direction of insurance.

9. Government administrative agencies of the series
of national civil servants, such as finance, audit and customs departments;
Teachers majoring in finance and finance in colleges and universities;
Research institute researchers.

10. Securities department, financial
department, securities affairs representative, board of directors
secretariat, etc.

Ii. Main favorable factors for employment in the financial

The financial industry has the highest average salary and welfare
in the horizontal comparison of various industries.

In a market economy for
all, people in finance can feel that they are doing a “decent” job.

daily in a fully dynamic market environment.

Talented employees can be
promoted quickly.

Attractive package and vacation benefits.

Low attrition
rate, industry average voluntary turnover rate of 16%.

Iii. Main unfavorable
factors for employment in the financial industry:

Long working hours and
relatively high working pressure.

Vulnerable to business and stock market
Large companies have highly structured environments that make it
easy to feel isolated and left out.

Some big companies are reluctant to
change programs and try new ideas.

They often face a dilemma between
“morality” and “interests”.

The financial industry has a perfect system and
strict rules and regulations. It does not need innovation but only needs to
be followed.

Iv. Talent demand for financial positions

At present the
domestic financial market, is a big demand for financial talents,
especially sought-after, financial engineers, chartered financial analyst
wealth managers, fund managers, actuaries, executive vice President,
auditing supervision personnel staff, product development staff, the
background, experience in finance, accounting, tax) talent, the nine

Financial analyst (CFA) : in developed countries and regions
such as Europe and America, obtaining CFA qualification is almost a
necessary condition for entering the investment field. So far, only 35,500
people in the world have passed the exam, while in mainland China, about 50
people now have this qualification, and the demand for CFA in the next
three years will exceed 5,000.

Financial engineer: pay attention to the
operability of financial market transactions and financial instruments,
apply the latest scientific and technological means and large-scale
processing methods (engineering methods) to the financial market, create
new financial products and trading methods, so as to win profits, avoid
risks or improve services for financial market participants.

wealth manager: more than 5 years working experience in financial
institutions, good economic foundation and at least two investment fields,
the requirements are high, few people can pass.

Investment management
talents: the market is in urgent need of a large number of investment
management talents, which mainly include venture capital talents, financial
leasing talents, financial business representatives, personal investment
consultants, etc.

Inspectors and supervisors: competent candidates will only
jump ship if their salary is 30 to 40 percent higher.

Financial industry
refers to Banks and related capital cooperatives, as well as insurance
industry. In addition to industrial economic behaviors, other economically
related industries are all financial industry.

Financial industry refers to
the special industry dealing in financial commodities, including banking,
insurance, trust industry, securities industry and leasing industry.

common positions and responsibilities in the financial industry:

There are
three main types of financial employment: business, politics and academia.
I have counted nearly 100 positions and responsibilities in the financial
circle. Not enough comprehensive, welcome to add.

Positions in the financial
industry are held in seven sub-licenses of China’s full banking, trust,
insurance, brokerage, fund, futures, and financial leasing. Among them,
each sub-industry practitioners are divided into the background, there are
business post, operation post, technical post, each industry and even each
company for the definition and classification of these post categories are
different, shan said business post also has banker trader broker, but also
subdivided inside banker, there are underwriters.

Commissioner of financing

1. Find the right bank, negotiate with the bank to provide the best
financing plan and financing conditions, and can communicate, coordinate
and solve problems with the bank.

2. Reasonably analyze and allocate funds
and arrange internal financing.

3. Responsible for bank expense receipts and
payments and audit.

Investment and financing project manager

1. Participated
in project negotiation and organized the coordination and implementation of
projects (financing, merger and acquisition, listing);

2. Actively seeking
for project resources, responsible for tracking and liaison of project
progress, and making project feasibility report; Assist in drafting the
approval documents related to the project, and be responsible for the
specific approval procedures;

3. Explored and guided customer needs, and
guided customers to accept our company’s service model and philosophy
through public relations negotiations with senior customers.


Foreign exchange market research and analysis, foreign exchange
trading and exchange rate, interest rate related derivatives trading

Financial marketing experience

1. Design financial products;

Designed financial plans and conducted financial services for customers
according to their requirements;

3. Develop new customers

Credit analysis
with examiners

Track, analyze and evaluate the credit status of key
industries or specific subjects, write credit analysis reports and submit
opinions on adjustment of investment pools

Bond trader

Bond investment,
inquiry and trading business

Product developer

1. Responsible to the general
manager of the small business center;

2. Investigated the business market
conditions and customer needs of small and medium-sized enterprises,
explored, formulated and reasonably adjusted the product r&d direction of
small and medium-sized enterprises;

3. Put forward product development
requirements, and lead relevant departments to develop, manage and evaluate
the products and services of smes;

4. Prepared training materials and
related training work for financing products of small and medium-sized
enterprises, deployed sales channels of new products and launched
management, etc.

Insurance clerk

1. Planned the development direction and
specific work plan of insurance agency business of the whole bank;

Formulate and improve the management system of insurance agency business of
the whole bank and supervise its implementation;

3. Responsible for guiding,
approving and monitoring the insurance agency business of the branch;

Statistics and analysis of insurance agency business data of the whole
bank, and put forward business countermeasures;

5. Cooperate with other
insurance companies.

Bank insurance account manager

1. Bank and insurance
sales training, guidance and business promotion;

2. Maintained cooperative
relationship with bank branches and provided sales support;

3. After-sales
service for bank and insurance customers.

Credit system administrator

According to the national economic and financial policies and the business
development and management requirements of our bank, responsible for
drafting the company’s credit management measures and participating in the
organization and implementation.

Credit line manager

1. Monitored and
analyzed the credit business operation and management of the whole bank,
put forward management Suggestions, and provided decision support for the

2. Monitor and check the implementation of rules and regulations
of regional centers and branches, and participate in the qualification and
management of professional staff of credit line.

Credit examiner

1. Conducted
due diligence on the credit extension business beyond the authority of the
branch, comprehensively revealed the main risks of the credit extension
business, and put forward independent review opinions;

2. Followed up and
analyzed relevant industries according to internal division of labor and
proposed corresponding credit granting policies, monitored, analyzed and
guided the credit granting business operation and management of relevant

Assistant trader of capital operation department

1. Engaged in RMB
capital trading, bond trading, financial derivatives trading and other
related businesses;

2. Tracked the financial market information, analyzed
the development and change trend of the financial market, and put forward
operational Suggestions for phased trading business;

3. Maintained customer
relations, collected customer information, and put forward Suggestions on
customer credit.

Business data analyst

Mainly responsible for relevant
financial data statistical analysis and database management.


Responsible for fund management, business accounting and
transaction liquidation of the investment management department


Responsible for the whole system organization preparation research,
feasibility analysis, organization preparation planning and design.


To be responsible for the risk supervision, management and
control of all business activities of the investment management

Equity investment manager

To organize the formulation and
implementation of equity investment plans, investment strategies,
investment plans and investment allocation and portfolio plans.

investment manager

To organize the formulation and implementation of bond
investment plans, bond investment strategies, investment plans and
investment allocation and portfolio plans.

Bond trader

Participated in the issuance and sales of the company’s underwriting
projects in the primary market, matchmaking and self-trading in the
secondary market, took charge of the inquiry, negotiation and trading
business in the inter-bank bond market and the trading business in the
exchange bond market, coordinated the development of various resources and
maintained customers.

Equity financing business account manager

Engaged in
financial product sales, institutional investor customer resources
development and maintenance.

Senior investment manager

1. Formulate
investment strategy, design, establish and maintain investment portfolio;

Conducted investment research and submitted investment proposal reports;

Issued investment instructions and took charge of the investment and
operation of assets;

4. Control the overall investment situation and submit
regular investment reports.

Macro researcher

Macroeconomic and financial,
capital market reform and development of special research topics.

International economics and finance fellow

International economy and
international financial trend, international capital market, commodity
price tracking analysis.

Bond researcher

Treasury bonds, financial bonds,
short-term financing bonds, corporate bonds, convertible bonds, asset
securitization products, etc.

Money market researcher

In terms of bank
deposit and loan market, interbank lending market, bill discount market,
repurchase market and bill market of the central bank, etc., the paper
focuses on the changes of money market capital flow, flow direction and
interest rate level.

Customer credit manager

1. Developed the credit
management system for margin and short selling business, responsible for
daily customer credit management, and determined the credit limit;

Determine the benchmark of financing interest rate and short selling rate
in a market-oriented manner, and adjust them dynamically according to the
market and the company’s own business development needs.

Financial model
research and development

1. Develop financial models, including: fully
exploit arbitrage opportunities in various financial markets, design and
develop arbitrage models to obtain arbitrage benefits brought by market
pricing failure;

2. Design and develop market makers’ automatic trading and
risk management models; Design and develop warrant issuing and risk hedging

Head of derivatives

1. Organized the project team to conduct
quantitative analysis related to financial derivatives, formulated the
overall plan of derivative investment strategy, model development and risk
control and supervised its implementation, adjusted the strategy in time
according to the changes of market factors, and controlled the risks.

Responsible for the tracking and analysis of the domestic and foreign
financial derivatives markets and products.

Risk manager

Serve the risk
control committee of the board of directors, study the theory of risk
control, follow the practice of the same trade, be familiar with relevant
laws and policies, evaluate the organizational framework, system, system
and process of the company’s risk control, and put forward strategic
Suggestions for risk management.

Strategic fellow

1. Analyze and evaluate the
development trend of the macro-economy and financial securities industry,
and determine the main development opportunities and risks of the company;

2. Analyze the company’s operating status and the status, advantages and
weaknesses of each business unit in the industry;

3. Collected data of
advanced enterprises in the same industry at home and abroad, summarized
advanced business philosophy, management system and management methods, and
provided constructive Suggestions for improving the competitiveness of the

4. Participate in the formulation of corporate development

R&d specialist of savings and financial products

1. Implemented
the process management of savings and financial product development;

Refined requirements according to requirements of business departments;

Participated in the interpretation, testing, preparation of operation
manual and operation training of requirements in the field of savings and
financial management business;

4. Participated in the problem tracking,
counseling and optimization of the system operation after the development
of savings and financial services products; Other work assigned by the

1. Implemented the process management of card product

2. Refined requirements according to requirements of business

3. Participated in the requirement interpretation, test,
preparation of operation manual and operation training of card business;

Participated in the problem tracking, tutoring and optimization of system
operation after card business product development;

5. Other work assigned by
the department.

Product development assistant

1. Engaged in user support,
system maintenance, promotion and launch of channel products;

2. Engaged in
the application management, configuration management and data processing of
channel products;

3. Engaged in system testing, operation guidance and
problem acceptance of channel products.

Product development specialist

Responsible for project organization, resource implementation and program
design of channel products;

2. Engaged in channel product development,
outsourcing supervision and other work;

3. Responsible for demand
explanation, test organization, preparation of operation manual and
operation training of channel products;

4. Responsible for problem tracking,
guidance and optimization of channel products.

Fund IT transaction manager

1. Assisted the system analyst in data
processing and analysis;

2. Participated in the information system
construction of some companies and assisted the system administrator in
system security management.

Assistant stock exchange representative

Reception of domestic and foreign investors; Response to incoming calls or

2. Share certificate affairs such as printing the register of

3. Responsible for reporting project materials to the
securities regulatory authority; Keep in touch

4. Consultation, research and
communication on policies;

5. Participate in the negotiation and tracking of
related projects;

6. Participate in the selection of securities

7. Tracked and urged relevant approvals;

8. Draft dividend
payment plan, etc.;

9. Assessment and incentive work

10. Complete other work
arranged by the department head

Claim adjusters

Responsible for handling all
kinds of claims cases, including deciding whether to survey, deciding
whether to pay, deciding the amount to be paid, communicating and
negotiating with customers, closing cases, etc.

Fund registrar

1. Responsible
for transaction data processing;

2. Maintained and tested the fund
registration system;

3. Formulated trading rules and procedures;

4. Business
contacts with sales agents;

5. Fund allocation;

6. Research and development
of new business.

Industry analyst

1. In-depth analysis of the development
trend and competitive factors of various industries, timely tracking and
predicting industry changes, and providing relevant research reports;

Closely follow the listed companies, provide timely and accurate analysis
reports of various companies through quantitative analysis, and reveal
investment opportunities and risks.

Analyst assistant

1. Assist macro,
strategic, fixed income and industry analysts in information collection and

2. Assisted in completing daily administrative affairs of
relevant departments.

Investment manager

1. Studied the macroeconomic and
financial operation, and judged the market trend;

2. Follow up to form a
reasonable investment evaluation method and model, and analyze the
investment value of optional securities;

3. Compile investment portfolio,
properly grasp investment opportunities and achieve investment objectives.

Investment bank sponsor representative

1. According to the division of
labor, responsible for the quality control of each stage of the project and
the preparation of the project plan, to ensure the smooth progress of
project contracting, undertaking and underwriting, and the completion of
business and profit targets;

2. Communicate with competent authorities
(including China securities regulatory commission, stock exchange,
securities regulatory bureau and securities industry association) on
relevant matters of the projects in charge, so as to ensure the smooth
progress of the projects;

3. Developed and maintained the customer
relationship of the projects in charge, organized subordinates to provide
personalized services for customers, so as to meet the needs of current
business promotion and future business reserve;

4. In accordance with the
provisions of the sponsor system promulgated by the CSRC, perform the due
diligence of listed companies and the continuous supervision and sponsor
duties after listing.

Manager of securities investment department

1. Presided
over the overall work of the securities and investment department and was
responsible for the superior.

2. Responsible for the business plan or cost
plan issued by the company.

3. Conduct business within the scope of the
company law, the securities law, the articles of association and other
relevant laws and regulations. Select excellent employees for the
department in an open, fair and notarial manner, and conduct strict
assessment on the employees of the department.

4. Responsible for the
securities management affairs of the company, assist the secretary of the
board of directors to carry out the work, report to the securities
authority and the stock exchange and accept the supervision according to
the relevant regulations of the state.

5. Assist the secretary of the board
of directors to coordinate the relationship between shareholders and the
company, receive visits from shareholders and investors, and answer
relevant inquiries.

6. Responsible for preparing the company’s annual
report, interim report, quarterly report and other relevant materials, and
providing timely and accurate information to the secretary of the board of
directors in accordance with relevant national regulations.

7. Responsible
for the establishment of securities investment business files and stock
market files of the company, independently responsible for the
confidentiality work, and regularly analyze the changes of the company’s
shareholder structure and stock trend and submit reports.

8. Cooperate with
the asset finance department to do a good job in the annual dividend
payment of the company, and study and formulate the issuance plan of
additional shares, rights issue or bonds, etc.

9. Responsible for the
management of corporate legal person shares.

10. Responsible for the
research of major investment projects of the company, and put forward
decision-making Suggestions.

11. Prepared the company’s investment project
plan, and took charge of the feasibility study, approval and project
approval of the investment project.

12. Organize the implementation,
supervision and evaluation of investment projects.

13. Strictly control
expenses of the department and improve work efficiency. Coordinate staff
relations within the department, develop team spirit, and work together for
the company’s goals.

14. When he/she leaves his/her post temporarily due to
business trip or other matters, a deputy manager shall be appointed to act
as manager to ensure that the business of the department will not be

15. Responsible for completing other tasks assigned by leaders of
the company.

Settlement clerk

(1) to collect, input and calculate settlement
data, print settlement statements and review settlement results.

(2) provide
the customer’s statement in the prescribed manner and time, and send the
notice of additional margin and the notice of forced liquidation.

calculate customer risk rates, analyze customer risks, and coordinate with
relevant business departments to strictly control customer risks.

examine and verify the payment of customers, provide the required
statements to the financial department on time, and do a good job of

(5) bind, keep and back up settlement data in accordance
with archives management regulations.

(6) to safeguard the interests of
customers and not to disclose customer information without authorization.

Out of the city on behalf of

(1) make all preparations for trading before
the opening, and check whether the computer equipment and telephone lines
are in normal operation.

(2) when receiving orders and returns, use
normative terms and do not accept incomplete or ambiguous instructions.

have a high sense of responsibility, reduce the occurrence of errors, such
as a mistake should be reported immediately, unauthorized processing is
strictly prohibited.

(4) strengthen basic skills training, improve business
ability, and promptly and accurately execute trading orders.

(5) promptly
convey exchange trading information or exchange documents to the company,
and report or inquire about relevant information to the exchange according
to needs and company instructions.

(6) check the transaction status of the
day with the declarer after the transaction, and ensure that the exchange
statement and other information are sent back to the company on time.

(7) no
one may make or receive personal phone calls, leave his/her post without
authorization, or seek personal gains while trading on the exchange.

strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the exchange and establish a
good image for the company.

Declaration member

(a) warm hospitality, quality
service, and customers are strictly prohibited to quarrel.

(ii) responsible
for receiving orders, reporting and reporting of transactions, and
recording the work log.

(3) use normative terms in operation and be prompt and accurate.

strengthen the sense of responsibility, reduce the occurrence of wrong
orders, such as wrong orders to immediately report, prohibit unauthorized

(v) to understand clients’ positions and risk status, and
control trading risks of high-risk clients.

(vi) responsible for the
communication and contact with the representative of the market, timely
inform the exchange of relevant information.

(vii) after the market closes,
responsible for checking the transaction situation with the representatives
leaving the market, collating and keeping the transaction records.

asset management product designer

1. Responsible for the development and
structural design of wealth management products on behalf of customers;

Provided support for online sales of bank’s client asset management
products to both public and private businesses;

3. Research the development
of domestic and foreign capital, capital market and asset management mode,
and conduct product development.

Financial products marketing staff

1. Put
forward product design requirements according to market changes and
customer needs;

2. Organized the market promotion and follow-up improvement
of investment and financial products such as asset management and wealth
management for institutions and individuals, including product promotion
training, marketing supervision and handling of daily problems;

3. Managed
and guided the sales channels of financial products of the branch, and
formulated and adjusted sales strategies;

Business management and quality

1. Responsible for the construction of wealth management related
systems and sales process management;

2. Responsible for cost-benefit
analysis, quality management, performance assessment, tracking and
supervision of wealth management business;

3. Responsible for daily
management and statistical analysis of financial product sales.

customer service

1. Responsible for providing wealth management services to
individual high-end clients directly or through branches, and guiding
branches to develop and maintain relationships with high-end clients;

Collected investment and financial needs of high-end customers and provided
timely feedback, and proposed solutions;

3. Coordinated with product design
departments to customize professional financial planning according to
high-end customer needs;

4. Responsible for writing standard marketing
service speeches for financial managers, and regularly making statistical
analysis on the overall development of VIP financial services of the whole

5. Collected and sorted out industry investment information and
industry laws and regulations, conducted in-depth mining and analysis of
information of the industry market, and provided follow-up information
support for our bank’s customer service.

Investment strategist, client asset

1. Provide investment strategies of specific asset classes and
allocation strategies and portfolio management of multi-asset classes in
combination with the development of asset management products of our bank
on behalf of clients;

2. Research on the trend of investment reference
indicators and analysis of investment strategies in major domestic and
foreign markets and different asset classes.

Internal/external complaint

1. Accept internal and external complaints;

2. Verify the complaint

3. Put forward complaint handling Suggestions, urge relevant
departments to implement rectification and give feedback;

4. Identified the
rectification situation of the complained unit, and proposed rewards and
punishment Suggestions;

5. Report the acceptance of complaints to the
leaders and report the relevant contents to the whole bank.


1. Responsible for the development and maintenance of investment
clients; Market analysis; To provide customers with professional securities
investment advisory services.

2. Promoted various financial products to

3. Wrote the credit application report and analyzed the credit

4. Through business development, maximize the revenue and complete the
set business indicators.

Financial analyst

Responsible for providing customer
training, market research, demand analysis and functional design for
financial analysis products/projects for financial institutions and higher
education customers

Currency analyst

Analyze the international financial
market, study and judge the trend of the market; Grasp market
opportunities, timely issue trading instructions.

Investment analyst

Conducted macroeconomic and investment policy studies and provided reports
on economic development trends;

2. According to the company’s investment
guidelines, engaged in industry investigation and research, made industry
research reports, and was responsible for the industry’s continuous
tracking research;

3. According to the company’s investment guidelines and
investment plans, conducted a survey on the operating status of the company
that has been invested, visited the listed company regularly and submitted
an analysis report on the company’s investment value; 4. Responsible for
the company’s external management consulting and financial consulting
business, responsible for conducting research business contacts with
institutions in the same industry, and carrying out regular exchanges with
various information institutions.


1. Open an account

2. Collect and
sort out relevant statistical data;

Credit evaluators

1. According to the
work requirements of the group research institute, completed the project
analysis report and r&d work, and independently completed the research

2. Carry out technical research and special research on rating;

Assisted the project manager of the business development department to
carry out business and professional exchange activities;

4. Completed
technical summary and literature translation as required;

5. Participated in
the training, seminar and evaluation meeting organized by the department
and the company on time;

6. Timely complete other work tasks assigned by the

Personnel of international business department

I. responsible for
formulating annual foreign exchange business development plans, organizing
the implementation of foreign exchange industry and township development
plans, and supervising the implementation of development plans;

Responsible for the centralized operation and management of international
settlement, settlement of foreign exchange funds and operation of foreign
exchange funds;

3. Responsible for the management of foreign capital, the
report, inspection, guidance, revitalization and risk control of foreign
capital projects, the report and approval of international trade

4. Responsible for organizing various management activities of
international business departments, electronic construction of foreign
exchange business, maintenance, upgrading and management of BIBS system;

Responsible for guiding the development of foreign exchange business,
including the management of market entry and exit, performing the self-
regulatory functions of international business departments, and ensuring
the healthy and rapid development of foreign exchange business;

Responsible for the marketing and promotion of foreign exchange products,
pay close attention to the changes of foreign exchange products and
relevant laws, regulations and policies, ensure the compliance and legality
of products, regularly release the market changes of foreign exchange
products to superiors or within the system, and carry out the promotion and
training of foreign exchange products;

7. Responsible for the business
training of foreign exchange business personnel;

General management
department personnel

1. Responsible for formulating office and conference
systems and organizing office and important meetings;

2. Responsible for
coordinating the work of each department, responsible for the deployment
work, the matters agreed upon at the meeting and the supervision and
investigation of the matters assigned by the leaders of the bank;

Responsible for overall situation report and business information report;
Provide service for leaders’ office

4. In charge of checking documents and
documents, seal and document management; Coordinate the handling of
incoming letters and visits; Confidential work

5. Responsible for making
medium – and long-term business development plans, undertaking major
research and theoretical research; To draft reports and documents of
important meetings;

6. Responsible for collecting and summarizing the
information submitted by various departments of the municipal bank,
collecting all kinds of relevant financial information of the state and the
province, and comprehensively analyzing and sorting them out. Provide
information service for the whole bank

7. Responsible for the publicity work
of the party and yichuan business of the whole bank; To organize rural
financial research and academic exchanges;

Personnel of human resource
management department

I. responsible for the deployment, appointment and
removal, assessment, communication, rewards and punishments of management

2. Responsible for the allocation, review and approval of the number
of middle-level posts of the subordinate bank;

3. Responsible for the
management of the names, functions, levels, establishment, removal and
merger of various organizations;

4. Responsible for staff salary management
and title examination (evaluation); Various types of social insurance

5. Responsible for systematic party building and staff training; To be
responsible for the administration and service of veteran cadres;

Responsible for other work assigned by leaders of the bank.

Personnel of
financial accounting department

1. Responsible for the preparation of
financial revenue and expenditure plan, the organization of daily financial
revenue and expenditure, the accounting and management of state-owned
assets, the review of the treatment of capital and property shortage, the
participation in business operation and management, the implementation of
financial inspection and supervision;

2. Responsible for managing and
supervising the establishment, bidding, purchase and construction of fixed
assets investment projects and the use of capital construction funds, as
well as the purchase, construction and management of sporadic fixed

3. Responsible for organizing and carrying out financial and
accounting supervision work; The formulation and implementation of the
accounting system under the delegated responsibility; To be responsible for
the business training of accounting and cashier personnel; To be
responsible for the examination and guidance of finance, accounting,
cashier and settlement;

4. Responsible for collecting and processing all
basic accounting data, preparing accounting statements and writing
financial analysis reports;

5. Responsible for expense management and the
audit and reimbursement of basic bank expenses; Responsible for cash on
hand, valuable documents and important blank accounting documents;

6. In
charge of ABIS operation management and guidance; Responsible for the
management of business seals, settlement and cashier machines;

Responsible for the provision and management of bad debt reserve; To be
responsible for the definition, valuation and registration of property
rights of the subordinate units;

8. Responsible for organizing and carrying
out the daily work of financial management committee and centralized
procurement office; To be responsible for the tax examination and filing
within the jurisdiction;

9. Responsible for other work assigned by leaders
of the bank.

Personnel of audit department

1. Responsible for the formulation
and implementation of audit rules and regulations and management measures
of the audit department;

2. Responsible for supervising the implementation
of the internal control system and re-supervising the self-regulation and
supervision of various business departments;

3. Responsible for auditing and
supervising the authenticity of business activities of the whole bank;
Responsible for the comprehensive evaluation of internal control;

Responsible for organizing and carrying out term responsibility audit and
outgoing audit of senior executives;

5. Responsible for organizing off-site
audit and special audit activities such as whole-bank credit, asset and
liability management, financial accounting, bank card, international
business and computer;

6. Responsible for regular regular field audit of
directly affiliated business units and regular regular field audit of
subordinate business units;

7. Responsible for economic punishment and audit
review of illegal business operations; Responsible for the daily work of
the office of the internal oversight committee;

8. Responsible for other
work assigned by leaders of the bank.

Vi. Conclusion

The motivation of
finance is profit-seeking, even extravagant greed, but it is this huge
driving force that makes isolated people establish connections, share and
exchange resources with each other, promote the emergence of a large number
of innovative products, and eventually form a network and system. The
financial system makes assets flow like water with extremely high

If you want to enter the financial industry directly after
graduation, the certificate is a reliable method, which not only enriches
the financial knowledge but also crosses the threshold.

The most valuable
certificates in the financial industry include CFA, FRM, CPA, securities
qualification certificate, futures qualification certificate, and banking
professional qualification certificate.

The more certificates, the better,
but after all, everyone’s energy is limited, which brings us to the issue
of choice. Although CFA has high gold content and good prospects, it is
quite difficult for college students majoring in non-financial finance,
especially in the professional examination.

The qualification certificate of
securities practitioners and the qualification certificate of futures
practitioners both belong to the admittance standard of the financial
industry, which are not difficult and are the most basic knowledge of the
industry. If students of non-financial major study hard and prepare for the
exam, the passing rate is relatively high.


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