Leg training


n a leg-based approach, pressing the leg is a foundation and a laborious method for the practitioner. People who start to learn often have the following problems: bowing, bending over, eagerly touching their feet with their feet, large vacancies between the chest and legs, and unstable standing. After falling, even the leg ligaments are injured. In order to solve the above problems, the following points can be noted when pressing the leg:

1.Standardized operation and step by step
(1) At the beginning, it is not suitable for intense sports. Place your legs on the same height as your waist. Sit down, flat hips
Vertically, the knee is straight, lifted by the toes and consciously return to the hook, and the upper body is forced to move forward, making the pressed leg a straight line.
It helps to extend the ligaments, tendons and muscles of the legs. Moving the upper body up will lengthen the torso, especially the spine. After pressing a leg for a few minutes,
The other leg. After a few days, when the leg muscles become soft and elastic, proceed to the next step.
(2) The leg and leg should be straight. Press the knees with both hands, close the buttocks, and make the body as far forward as possible to strengthen the socket muscles behind the knee joint
extension name.
(3) Press your knees with both hands and sit behind your hips. Press the upper body up and down. Try to press the abdomen on the thigh
(4) Press the legs and calves with both hands, press the upper part of the body up and down, and try to place the abdomen on the thigh and place the chest on the knee. After this step, you can
Continue to the next exercise.

(5) The leg and support leg should be straight, hands on the sole of the foot, thighs, knees and chest, and try to touch the toes with the forehead. After this step, you can
Continue to the next exercise.
(6) Put your hands on the soles of your feet, place your abdomen on your thighs, and place your chest on your lap. Try touching your toes with your mouth. After completing this step, proceed to the next step.
(7) Hold the football with both hands and touch the toe with the lower jaw as described above. After this step is completed, the positive pressure leg becomes.
Only by doing this step by step, the torso and the legs form a one-to-one correspondence, such as the abdomen and thighs, the chest and knees, the head and the toes are in contact with each other, and the gap between the torso and the leg can be avoided.
2, from light to heavy, from low to high
When you press your legs, your body puts pressure on your ligaments, tendons and muscles. At the beginning of the exercise, the force should be light. After a period of practice, you can gradually increase the pressure; you can stick to it for a day or two, or even walk on the third or fourth day. The leg height should be from low to high. With the leg as high as the waist, press the chin to attack the toes, you can put the leg on the object that is higher than the chest; practice again until the lower jaw protrudes the toe, you can put one leg on the high object on the shoulder until the foot High objects.
3, first pull, then pressure, from near to far
At the beginning of the exercise of the leg, due to the leg ligaments, tendons, poor muscle stretch, suddenly exerted their own forced extension, not only in vain, but also the ligament injury. The leg ligaments, tendons, muscles and spine should be stretched first, then the vibration pressure should be applied; the vibration pressure should also be carried out step by step. When pressing a leg, be aware that even the contact between the torso and the leg is from near to where


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