Running on the court is an important technical part of the football world. Running with the ball is different from dribbling. Dribbling is the use of this technology to get rid of the opponent’s defense. Players can control the ball and dribble quickly, which is very active in the game.

There are three ways to practice running a ball:

Exercise 1 runs straight with the ball. If the strength of the ball is appropriate, the number of fast dribble footballs should be appropriate. If the number of balls is too frequent, it will definitely slow down, and the opponent can easily catch up with you; if the number of shots is too small, the ball and body will increase. The distance between the balls causes the ball to lose effective control of the ball and the opponent can easily hit the ball. When you do this exercise, please continue to look up, because this can help you observe the situation on the court, you can split the ball or shoot in time.

Exercise 2 curves run with the ball. Set a few poles (in the same or different directions) between the start and end points. Please note that the ball cannot touch the marker while it is being dribble.

Practice 3 passes and sports. The distance between two 3-5 meters, each holding a ball, the same direction, running and capturing each other. On the basis of ensuring the success rate, pay attention to speeding up the running speed and passing speed as much as possible.

Player attack with the ball [Click to enlarge]

Running the ball is one of the important techniques for a fast game. In the game, when the current side has a relatively large space, there should be no time to apply the technique decisively. There are two technical points to be aware of when using this technique: first, you must control the ball yourself; second, look around with the ball to lose the chance to choose to shoot or pass.


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