Some common sense of morning exercise


Starting from the bed, “morning practice” should start from the blink of an eye. Do not wake up immediately after waking up, and should “lazy sleep” for 5 minutes, in order to make the biological clock just pass the slow turn and quickly have a suit. At this time, you can lick your abdomen, knock your teeth, lift your anus and “comb” (five fingers with a head massage), and “psychological bathing”, that is, to think of happy and gratifying things, to welcome a new day of happiness, “happy “.

After getting up in the morning, drink a cup of boiled water (cold water or warm water) to dilute the viscosity of the blood and remove the toxins accumulated in the body, thus playing the role of “internal washing”. Then defecation to reduce the reabsorption of enterotoxin in the large intestine.

Morning exercise should be easy and appropriate morning exercise is the “source of vitality”, the first start of the day’s activities, with a “switching effect.” Morning exercise can make people full of vitality and vitality throughout the day, and can enhance the sense of humor and artistic appeal, is less prone to endocrine disorders, reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality. All of this is based on an early morning exercise that can increase the order of the circadian clock. A slight sweat abstraction stops before it takes effect.

Do not do fast exercises on an empty stomach or full stomach. You can eat some foods such as bread, milk, eggs and fruit. When you are half full, do morning exercises outdoors.

Some people even get up at three or four o’clock and then go back to sleep. This is not only vulnerable to air pollution, but also causes the biological clock to be disordered, leading to fatigue and premature aging. Because the ground air is at most after sunrise, green plants begin to photosynthesize, inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen to make the air fresh.

Today’s “fog” is different from the “water mist” of the past. Due to the serious pollution, most of them are now “pollution fog”. Small droplets contain large amounts of contaminants and pathogens. Severe people can have difficulty breathing, chest tightness, palpitations, etc. Heart disease, cerebrovascular disease should not go out in the morning.

If the temperature is too low in the winter morning, or the temperature suddenly drops, it is not suitable for morning exercise, especially for the elderly, the infirm, the poor temperature regulation ability, and the cold, and the elderly should pay attention to the cold.

Rainy days do not exercise in the forest in the morning, although it can be exercised in the morning on rainy days, but it is not suitable to practice in the forest, because now the tree is not exposed to sunlight and still inhales carbon, which will make the body’s carbon dioxide poisonous. At the same time, it should not be on the roadside, near the factory, in the morning when the crowd is crowded, so serious pollution is harmful to health.


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