In recent years, some people in the medical field have used winter swimming as a means of treating chronic diseases such as sedation, analgesia, antitussive, diuretic, sweating, etc., and are used to treat emphysema, coronary heart disease, hypertension, neurasthenia and other diseases. , has a significant effect. Also. Some experts who study the structure of the human body pointed out that swimming can also help people to correct certain bad body shapes, such as the hump, the vertebra side, and the strong body shape of the model.

Swimming notes:
(1) Pay attention to safety when swimming. Any infectious disease or open wound is not suitable for swimming. Women’s menstruation is generally not suitable for swimming.
(2) After a meal, drink alcohol or exercise vigorously after sweating. It is not advisable to swim immediately.
(3) Prepare well before swimming, including hands-on exercises, imitating exercises and stretching muscle ligaments.
(4) After a vigorous swim, you should relax in the water and breathe before the water. However, if you experience dizziness, nausea, chills or paralysis during swimming, you should promptly effluent.
(5) After swimming, it is best to shower or dry the body in time, and pay attention to keep warm.
(6) When swimming in a natural bath, it is best to pay attention to the choice of clean water. Pay attention to the depth and speed of the water. Do not swim in places with dirt, debris, stumps, rapids, whirlpools, weeds, heavy pollution or boating.

If swimming in the winter is too long, blood will accumulate in the lower limbs and cause cerebral ischemia. The body’s energy consumption is high, and the body is over-tired, which is also a headache. At this time, you can go ashore to rest, keep warm, and drink /.
In addition, a temporary increase in blood pressure can also cause dizziness. Because winter swimming is a sporting activity in a strong cold environment, under the strong cold stimulation of cold water, the blood vessels of the whole body skin will contract sharply, forcing the blood in the epidermal blood vessels to return to the internal organs and deep. Tissue, which causes a temporary increase in blood pressure. The way to prevent temporary blood pressure rise is to hang a little water in cold water for a while so that the body can better adapt to the stimulation of cold water, avoid jumping into the water, and use gentle exercise to enter the water, do not swim violently. This can slow down the stimulation of cold water, and the degree of rapid contraction of the blood vessels of the whole body will be weakened, so that blood pressure will not be temporarily increased.
No matter what causes headache or dizziness, don’t underestimate, you should quickly go ashore to restore your body. If you have a headache or dizziness during each winter swim, you should consider whether your blood pressure is high and not suitable for this sport.


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