Did not hit in the game of the golf game, still a shot


This rule case is based on the Ryder Cup.

The ryder cup consists of 12 players from Europe and the United States. There are 28 three-day competitions, including eight games, four games, eight games, four games and twelve games. Four-on-two (or two-on-two) is a special type of game where two players in each team take turns to put the ball into the hole, so full cooperation is required.

For example, let’s say that Tiger Woods and Fermi Kelsen played together after Woods shot, then mixed shots and then switched to Woods until the hole was completed. As for the startup sequence, if the forest occupies the first hole, then the next game is a mix, and so on.

Therefore, there is a question about the rules of the four-person double-ball game to test the reader’s rule knowledge: If the A and B partners are in a four-person double-ball game, A will lose control, then B is turned and hits the ball. His hits and even his swing failed. The head of the ball did not even touch the leather. Is it the turn? Or will B do it again?

According to the definition of golf rules, “batting” refers to the movement of a player’s club so that the purpose of the ball is to move the ball forward. In other words, as long as there is “intention”, even if the swing fails to touch the ball, there is only one shot. Therefore, under the above circumstances, B has already played the second shot of the team. Although the ball still exists, a third shot is still required.

The same is true for individual competitions. As long as you plan to hit the ball, even if you are vacant, you must add a little more of your scorecard.


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