The warriors canceled the rockets and advanced to the NBA western conference finals


Washington, May 10 (xinhua) — the defending champion beat the Houston rockets 118-113 on Thursday to miss king Kevin durant’s fifth consecutive western conference finals.

Durant is averaging nearly 35 points per game in the postseason, the highest of any player in the final 16 of the postseason. However, he was injured in the last game, but “splash” brothers Thompson and curry stepped up. The former led the offensive line in the first half, while the latter exploded in the second half, with curry scoring 33 points and Thompson 27. The warriors’ bench also contributed, including 14 points from luni and 11 from Livingston.

Both teams began to get more nervous, and after the mistake, their positions began to come under attack. No Kevin durant, a strong man must attack more responsibility, the feeling is very good, Thompson, he had 10 points in the first quarter, green also shows in the ends of the hard disk, the Australian center Andrew bogut is durant’s choice to enter the starting line but the impact is limited, so offensive rebound and cad center has contributed a lot. The rockets’ primary scoring remains difficult. They scored 14 points in the first quarter and led Houston to a 28-27 lead in the first.

The second quarter was tight, with the rockets rebounding in the backfield, the golden state warriors scoring on a second drive and backup players like livingston. At halftime, the teams were tied at 57:57.

In the second half, both teams tightened their defenses and the rockets repeatedly tried to beat the warriors, but the soldiers kept coming back. Curry didn’t score in the first half, and they started moving, especially in the fourth quarter. The last four minutes were very high. The warriors led the rockets 102-97 at the buzzer after curry’s 3-pointer. The rockets then chased the rockets for a score and the soldiers continued to lead. The rockets created a three-pointer game of foul and robbery at the last minute. Helpless curry free throw too accurate. The rockets continued to make 3-pointers, but they couldn’t make up for the loss.

Harden had 35 points, Paul had 27 and tucker had 15, but capella and Gordon were mediocre and contributed far less from the bench.

Warriors has become the rockets insurmountable peak. This season is the fourth time in five seasons that either team has faced the playoffs. The rockets have never been able to break through the warriors. In last year’s western conference finals, the rockets played the warriors in seven games before losing 3-2 to the warriors.

The rockets have a good chance of retiring with Cousins and durant in the playoffs, but the defending champion is proving better.

The warriors will face the winner of the western conference finals between the Denver nuggets and Portland trail blazers, who will draw 3-3.


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