15 minutes of fitness every day makes you slimmer


Waist abdominal exercise

1. Lying flat on the bed, legs close together, knees bent, but the two feet can not leave the ground, hands behind the head.

2. Use the abdominal muscles to lift the upper body and twist it in the direction of the left leg.

3, back to the starting position, the upper body is attached to the legs.

4. Return to step 1, lift your upper body and turn to the right leg.

5. Return to the starting position and repeat the set of actions 25 times in the order of left, center and right.

Note: If your arms and neck are painful, your movements are incorrect. Remember to use your abdominal muscles to drive your body. In addition, when you lie down, don’t touch your shoulders, otherwise you won’t be able to exercise your waist and abdomen.

Shoulder practice

1, erect, the feet are slightly wider than the buttocks, slightly bent knees. The eyes are straight ahead and the back is straight. Hold a two-pound ball or other heavy object in your hands and put it on your hips.

2, holding the ball in the right, arms straight up, and pass the ball to the left hand at the top of the head.

3, the arms fall, back to the hips, restart the ball movement. The arms move like a spinning windmill.

4. Repeat the pass action 20 times. Exercise is slow, don’t rely on impulse to exercise.

Note: Do not rely on the active wrist to pass the ball, the arms, back, neck should be straight, so that you can pass the ball naturally instead of the ball.

Calf practice

1. Sit down against the wall, the back is straight, and the soles of the feet are attached to the ground. Hold a 16-pound fitness stick on your thigh, about three inches from your knee.

2, the heel lifted up from the bed, while pressing the fitness bar with both hands.

3. Repeat the set of actions 25 times.

Thigh practice

1, erect, feet apart and hip width. The right knee is bent, the upper body is lowered, and the ten fingers are on the ground. The left leg is straight, moving 12 inches backwards and the left toe is facing outward.

2, the left leg try to lift up, stay at the highest point for 5 seconds, then put down the left leg, change the right leg to do the same action. This group of actions is done 25 times.

Note: The toes must be turned out as much as possible, do not twist the buttocks, in order to minimize the thighs.


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