Want to have a good body curve? Abdomen, hips and stovepipe! This Pilates aerobics and enhanced muscle daily training can make your body parts – the abdomen, buttocks and legs – harmonized; the 15 minutes a day, immediately have a proud figure.


Target: abdomen, buttocks, hamstrings, inside and outside the thigh

Stand with your feet apart, wider than your shoulders, 45 degrees to the outside of your toes, arms outstretched from both sides and shoulders, palms down.

Bend your knees until the thighs are parallel to the ground, lowering your arms so that your wrists are crossed in front of your hips.


Count to 3, then squeeze the hips, straighten your legs and body on your toes (or jump in the air). Swing your arms to the sides and make your wrists cross over the head.

Do 2 sets of actions 16 times.


Bending and stretching

Target: shoulder, back, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and calves

The squatting posture begins: the limbs are placed on the mat, the toes are down, the body is swooping, and the buttocks are pressed upwards to form an inverted V posture.


Move your hips back slightly, bend your knees to your chest, pull your navel to your spine, and turn your back into a group.

Return to the squat start position (or jump off the ground before returning to the group) and finish it once.

Do 2 sets of actions 10 times.



Target: arm, abdomen, oblique muscles, buttocks, and thighs

The right leg is stepped out to the right, the toes are to the right, and the left leg is straight. Put your hands together and bend your elbows about 90 degrees to the sides (like the elves).

Keep your buttocks straight and bend your waist to the right.

Next, the upper body is to the right and the arms are stretched as far as possible. Stick to 1 time, then pull the upper body back,

Bend the elbow back to the starting position of the side bend.

Do 10 times. Change sides (left leg lunge and left side bend); repeat. Do 2 sets of actions.



Target: shoulder, back, abdomen, buttocks, inside and outside the thigh

Start with your knees on the pad, stretch your left leg to the left (toe pad), bend to the right, and hold your right palm on the pad next to your right knee.

Lift your left foot off the mat, with your toes slightly facing outwards; keep your legs in a position, slowly circle the big circle clockwise, 10 times, then circle 10 times counterclockwise.

Swap and repeat on both sides. Do 2 sets of actions.

V-shaped sitting alternately rotating

V-shaped sitting alternately rotating

Target: abdomen, oblique muscles and lower back

Sitting on the mat, knees bent, feet flat, hands on both sides.

The knees are bent, the calf is lifted off the mat until the calf is almost parallel to the ground, and the upper body is tilted back 45 degrees into a V-shaped sitting position; the arms extend forward.

V-shaped sitting alternately rotating

Slowly turn the spine down to your left side, stretch your legs, and stretch your arms to the top of your head with your palms facing each other.

Slowly move backwards and return to the V-shaped sitting position. Repeat the action on the right side and finish it once.


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