Introduced a few ways to lose weight and stovepipe


The first trick:

Usually take as many stairs as possible, and lift the heel when going up the stairs, taking the weight of the legs. By increasing the burden on the legs, the burning rate of fat around the thighs can be increased, and the fat inside the thighs and the buttocks can be eliminated. Experts said that climbing 2 steps in one step can tighten the leg shape and have a hip-lifting effect to avoid radish legs.

The second measure:

Take a shower and beat the inside of the thigh. After the shower, the blood circulation is just right, and the inner side of the thigh is beaten with the palm of your hand. It can also help you to have a well-proportioned leg.

The third measure:

Massage is the most direct and effective way to shape the legs. It stimulates the acupuncture points on the legs, promotes blood and lymph circulation, discharges toxins, eliminates edema, and also regulates hormone secretion by stimulating important points distributed on the legs. It is said that there is now a leg massage machine that can be used instead of manual massage, which may be convenient.

The fourth measure:

Before going to bed every day, lean your legs against the wall, let your legs and the body at a right angle of 90 degrees, and rest for 30 minutes. This will help the blood flow back and relax the calf muscles.

The fifth measure:

While eliminating leg edema, you also need to exercise your calf muscles. Teach you an easy way, two billiard-sized fitness balls will allow you to exercise your legs at any time.

Tools: Billiard size fitness ball two 11-way leg workshop

Method: Whether sitting at the desk or on the sofa in the house, you can put these two fitness balls on your feet and use the power of your legs to drive them back and forth.

Efficacy: For the calf, low-intensity exercise is the best way to exercise. Exercise the calf muscles while still massaging the soles of the feet. In addition, because your legs are going back and forth, you can’t have a chance to kick.

Sixth trick:

When watching TV, your legs are straight forward. Lift one leg and leave it for 2 seconds. After 8-10 times, change the other leg and repeat the above action. It also has the effect of eliminating leg fat.

Seventh trick:

When sitting, knees close together and try to fit the calves together, and relax after about 10 seconds. Repeat this action and keep your breathing even. Muscle contraction and relaxation alternate in a short period of time, can effectively thin the calf line

Eighth trick:

Calf edema is the most common “fourth circumference problem.” The accumulated waste and toxins in the legs plus the body fluid retained in the calf due to gravity will directly cause the calf to become swollen and fat. If you can not take a bath every day, often use warm water to do a comprehensive concentrated spa for the calf, but also hate things to eliminate calf edema and restore the slender legs.

Tools: deep enough barrels, essential oils, bath salts, warm water.

Method: Fill the wooden bucket with warm water, which can be completely without the calf, then add essential oil and bath salt, then soak the whole calf in water for about 15 minutes, while gently rubbing the calf to help detox, firm legs line.

The ninth trick:

It may be a bit unbelievable to see this title. Change the little posture of sleeping, you can also reduce the calf. The method is to use a thin layer at the end of the bed to make the level of the legs higher than the heart.


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