When doing direct confrontation in ball games (such as basketball), the most common eye injuries are contusions and bruises; ball games (such as tennis) that are against the net are more likely to cause equipment damage. How to prevent and treat eye injuries when playing?

1. Determine the trajectory of the ball. Be sure to concentrate when playing, familiar with the ball or avoid the action, and judge the ball’s trajectory in advance.

2. Ensure that the action is accurate. Skilled in movement skills, pay attention to the surrounding environment during the movement and reduce collisions.

3. High myopia wear glasses. This can prevent the contact lens from being broken and crushed in the eye, resulting in secondary injury. Those wearing spectacles should wipe their sweat in time to avoid slipping, otherwise the visual judgment is not allowed to be easily injured. People with low myopia should try not to wear glasses and use naked eyes to exercise.

4. Wear eye protection for eye damage. Studies have shown that eye protection can help avoid about 90% of sports-related eye damage. When the injured person in the eye is exercising again, wear goggles as directed by the doctor.


5. Emergency treatment before sending to hospital. In the event of injury, stay calm, call for help immediately, and stop the movement from leaving. Observe the damage of the eye. If it is a broken bleeding near the eyelid, it should be disinfected, rinsed, hemostasis, and cold applied at the first time. Keep it lying flat and send it to the hospital as soon as possible. If the eye is injured, check for foreign matter first. Take it out first. If it can’t be taken out, the head will be slightly inclined. Rinse with pure water and send it to the hospital immediately. Pay attention to protect the injured eye during the period, do not press.


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