Stretching is like adding sodium glutamate to a dish to make them more delicious. It not only maximizes fitness training, but also minimizes muscle stiffness and sports injuries. South Africa’s Health 24 published 12 best stretching exercises.

The details are as follows:

1. Head and neck: Lift your right hand over the head, pull the head to the right, reset, repeat several times, and change the left hand to repeat the action.

2. Shoulder: The left hand is straight and the right hand is raised flat, the left is extended, and the hands are repeated.

3. Chest: Put your hands flat and do chest movements.

4. Biceps: Raise your head, grab the corner with your hand or anything high enough, then rotate the upper body for 10-15 seconds. 5. Triceps: Grab the other elbow with one hand and gently push it over the body until the hand touches the back. 6. Gluteal muscles: Place your left leg on your right leg and keep it bent. Touch the left leg to the chest and twist to the left to view the left shoulder.

7. Outside the thigh: The thigh on the extension side extends obliquely backward, the outside of the calf and the foot falls on the ground, the knee joint on the other side of the thigh advances, the hands support the ground, and the center of gravity of the body moves to the side of the stretch.

8. Leg ribs: supine, push one leg up, bend the other leg, and keep the sole on the ground. Place the towel on the straight foot and gently pull it down while pushing it up to the foot.

9. Quadriceps: Stand on one foot and keep your body upright. Balance on the wall with one hand. The other hand pulled out the ipsilateral toes.

10. Calf: One leg crosses one leg forward, the other leg does not move, and the body is pressed.

11. Upper back: Stand upright, hold the armrest at the same height as the abdomen with both hands, and repeatedly arch and press backwards.

12. Lower back: legs bent, supine. Lift your calves by hand and pull them toward your chest. Repeat 10 times each time for 30 seconds each time. The following points should be noted when doing stretching exercises: body relaxation during stretching, slight pulling of muscles, tendons and ligaments; each exercise lasts for more than 30 seconds, each group is 15-30 seconds apart; deep breathing helps the body to oxygenated blood Pumping muscle soreness.


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