The following factors should be noted when choosing a badminton match:

(1) The general physical condition, height, strength, physical strength, etc., will affect the choice of the game. For example, higher and more powerful players can make more aggressive backcourt bets. The body is not high, but the physical strength is good, the body is more flexible, and the main method can be used to defend dozens of methods.

(2) The master of technology master is more comprehensive, the offensive and defensive technology is better, it can be quickly pulled, the killing skill is very good, the killing ability is strong, the landing point is well controlled, the front-end network technology is good, and then the website is put pressure, online control can only Internet access; the ability to control the ball is very strong, patience, you can choose to play four balls; defensive technology is very good, and the pace is flexible, fast, then you can choose defensive play.

(3) Extroversion of personality and temperament characteristics, temperament type is bile quality, more suitable for selecting the total attack mode; personality introversion, temperament type and mucus, should choose to play four goals, live in counterattack; personality is medium, temperament is various mixed Type of blood quality and mucus quality, then choose the offensive and defensive method to have a completely fast pull.

In addition, we should also use different game modes for different opponents to highlight their strengths and overcome other people’s weaknesses.


The above factors, the impact of choice to play is not isolated, but absolute. They adapt to each other and complement each other. Introverts tend to be more defensive, even though they are higher. Although the height is not high, but the jumping power is strong, the pace is fast and flexible, the killing skills are very good, and the personality is extroverted, and the choice of attack style is often active. In short, the type of game you choose should allow you to show off in all respects, regardless of your own characteristics, rather than mechanically imitating others.


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