Best anti-aging exercise:

Anti-aging first drives the operation. Experiments have shown that as long as you adhere to fitness, you can mobilize the enthusiasm of antioxidant enzymes in the body and be anti-aging.

Best weight loss exercise:


It is best to use both hands and feet, such as skiing, swimming, etc. If you are young and strong, you can also choose boxing, weightlifting, hiking and other sports, especially for burning fat.

Best bodybuilding:

As long as you insist on aerobics and gymnastics, strengthen balance and coordination, you will receive obvious results.

Best antihypertensive exercise:

According to research by Japanese experts, it is possible to provide exercise modes for patients with hypertension, such as walking, cycling, swimming, etc. It is not appropriate to choose to lift, pull, push, carry clogging and other activities, so it can cause blood pressure to rise, such as by repeatedly contracting muscles, promoting The blood vessels contract and expand, which lowers blood pressure.

Best myopia prevention exercises:

Playing table tennis is very beneficial to increase the contraction function of the ciliary muscles, and can also greatly promote the blood supply and metabolism of the eye tissue, so that the vision recovery is more obvious.


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