How to deal with misplacement? Once dislocated, the patient should remain quiet, do not move, and do not rub the dislocation area. If the dislocation is within the tibia, bend the patient’s elbow at a right angle and reapply the bandage to carry the forearm and elbows and hang on the neck. If the dislocation area is the buttocks, the patient should be taken to the hospital stretcher immediately.

Urgent need to stop bleeding? For patients with post-traumatic bleeding, hemostasis should be used first. For small wounds, if you can squeeze a small amount of blood, it can help remove bacteria and dirt. The wound must be thoroughly cleaned with water and the wound cannot be thoroughly cleaned. The surface must be covered with a clean cloth. Do not use cotton cloth or cover the toilet paper directly.



The use of hot water to treat small diseases, skilled use can achieve extraordinary results, commonly used techniques have applications, baking, soaking, drinking.

Hot compress: 1. If the shoulder feels a bit stiff and outdated, you can recover a little massage. If the effect is not good, add a little salt and vinegar to the hot water, then soak it in a towel and apply it to the affected area to gradually relax and relax the muscles. 2. If the body is red, swollen or painful after boiling, wipe the towel with hot water and boil it several times. The symptoms will disappear quickly. 3. When you have a headache, put a clean towel into the washbasin, soak it in a proper amount of hot water, wring it out gently, and then press it on the patient’s eyes, nose or top of the wind pool. First class can greatly alleviate headaches. 4. Due to a cold caused by a stuffy nose, you can apply a towel soaked in hot water to your ear for about 10 minutes before going to bed. This will make the nasal cavity smooth and free to breathe, so as to get rid of the toss caused by the stuffy nose and it is difficult to fall asleep.

Recovery: 1. Rheumatic low back pain can be smoked by hot steam to warm the waist and eliminate cold and moisture. The method is to let the patient lie flat on the two chairs, lift the clothes behind the waist, take the hot cup to the hot water, connect the power supply, and place it under the patient’s waist, so that the hot steam generates heat and is baked at the waist. maintain. For a long time, you can relieve cold compresses and analgesics. 2. When the malt is just born, take a little green tea, put it in a cup, and rinse with boiling water. Then smoke with the help of the hot steam of tea.



Hot dip: 1. When someone catches a cold and doesn’t want to take medicine, they can treat it with hot water. Soak your feet in a large bucket of hot water to reach the ankles. During the soaking process, hot water must be added continuously, soaked in red feet or slightly sweaty. If you add some salt, vinegar is better in water. When a migraine attack occurs, take a basin of hot water (recommended water temperature will not burn the skin), soak your hands in hot water, during the soaking process, you should constantly heat the water to keep the water temperature, soak for about half an hour, the painful feeling Gradually reduce or even completely disappear. 3. When the blood pressure rises, soak the feet with hot water to lower the blood pressure. Hot water can be a little more, preferably to the ankle. Hot water bubbles cause peripheral blood vessels to dilate and lower blood pressure.


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