Learn to adjust your breathing, better running


Take a deep breath before running
Inhale enough air through the nose before running. Hold your breath for five seconds, then exhale slowly.
Breathe often during running
Rhythmic breathing is difficult to master, but it is a good balance between exercise and breathing.

Many long-distance world champions use this method to exercise, such as three breaths or exhales; if you run fast, each step requires two steps, step by step. But if this rhythm makes breathing difficult, then take a step for each breath.
It takes 5 seconds for breathing to breathe and 5 seconds for breathing. When running, shoulders, wrists, hands and chin are in a state of tension. The process of exhaling gas is a process of relaxation, so when exhaling, shaking hands, shoulders, and opening your mouth can alleviate your body’s stress.
Take a breath after running


Close the right nostril with your left middle finger and inhale for 4 seconds. Hold your breath for another 4 seconds. Remove your finger from the right nostril. Exhale slowly. After 15 minutes of running, use this breathing method to relax and relieve discomfort. Getting up in the morning also helps clear your nose.

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