Moderate exercise is very beneficial to the health of middle-aged and elderly people, but excessive exercise can be counterproductive. Excessive exercise, the number of free radicals in the body increases rapidly, easily causing aging and slow disease; if it causes damage to muscle cells, it does not increase muscle loss, and may also lead to decreased immunity.

Therefore, “mild exercise” is a sport of health and longevity. This is also a life attitude that can help people reduce stress and pursue a natural state in a busy life. “Light exercise” is a sports means with low physical exertion, low technical requirements and loose time requirements, especially suitable for the elderly. If you walk home, you only need to control the time within 1 hour, even if it is “mild exercise”; if you exercise at home, even if it is very short, if you can persist for more than 1 month, the effect will be “light”. “Lightweight sports” is like light music, unlike rock music or symphony. Its essence is to move anywhere, anytime, regardless of venue or time. The most important thing is to make your body and mind happy.


Specifically, “mild exercise” can be walking, dancing, jogging, gardening activities, lifting flowers, climbing stairs, climbing mountains, etc. If you have a burden, don’t press the elevator when you go upstairs, let yourself walk while listening to music, while doing a waist turn and chest stretching while resting, even shrugging and stretching at work.

In short, everyone can choose the form of movement based on their physical strength, interest and time. As long as you understand the true meaning of “light exercise”, letting you enjoy exercise is an effective way to exercise.


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