Basketball training and competition can have many different shooting methods, but no matter which shooting method you use, you have to do two things:

The first force from the sole of the foot, that is, although it is a manual shot, but the power comes from the forefoot, then the ankles, knees, ankles, upper body, arms, wrists, and finally the power is at your fingertips. Out. The transfer of power as a whole should be a coherent and coordinated process.

The second arm of the upper and forearm should be positioned 90 degrees and the wrist extends approximately 90 degrees to the forward arm and parallel to the upper arm. Fingers hold the back and bottom of the ball. When shooting, push up and forward (of course, pointing to the basket), bend the wrist up and forward, and finally push the ball out with your fingers, so the shot will make the basketball rotate, hitting the rebound or the basket will not produce a big rebound . You should also be exposed to basketball as long as possible (that is, long-term contact with the ball), which will help control the direction of the ball and increase the hit rate. Don’t think too much about whether the ball is thrown into the basket at the beginning. Focus on the posture, movement and rhythm of the entire shooting action. Repeat the same action method each time you shoot. When the correct shooting motion becomes smooth, the hit rate naturally increases. You should also practice shooting at a different position and angle from the basket.


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