Young girl doing crunches on gym mat

Key action points:
1. Sit on the floor mat and bend your knees about 90 degrees. Relax your back muscles and spine.

2. Then lift the body, but the buttocks and buttocks cannot be lifted from the ground, nor can they be moved or lifted until the bottom of the body is at 90°, and then repeated.

1. It is best not to put it on the ground without a fixed foot, otherwise the flexor of the thigh and buttocks will join the work, thus reducing the burden on the abdominal muscles. You have already experienced that it is much easier to gesture with your partner on the ankle than to gesture in a free state.

2. You should use a slower speed, just like slow motion. When the abdominal muscles pull up the body, you should exhale to ensure that the deeper muscles of the abdomen work at the same time.

3. The muscles are prone to fatigue and reduce the burden on the abdominal muscles. Side or cross on the chest.

4. Kneeling, if the leg is straight and sitting up, it will increase the burden on the back and easily cause back damage.

In sit-ups, the abdominal muscles actually only act at the beginning and then transfer to the hip flexors, so abdominal movements are not as effective as expected.

6. Sit-ups on the sloping plate: If the abdomen is strong, you can use


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