When using the ball’s drop point, speed and spin changes, the baseline player remains substantially at baseline and has fewer or occasional Internet access. The older generation of Australian and Chinese athletes mostly belong to this type. This style of play is initially defensive and passive. In recent years, under the threat of the Internet type, there has been an offensive bottom line, and the athletes’ hands are fierce, making it difficult for the opponent to volley. The world famous tennis player Borg is this new bottom line. Good bottom players can generally master forehand and backhand shots and have a strong attacking ability.

They can use fast and powerful shots to hit the ball with deep descent and squatting angles, and can repeatedly use large angles of violent shots with a strong upswing to force the opponent to be passive. When there is a shallow ball in the middle of the field, a fast forward action can cause a fatal blow. Although this type rarely surfs in games, it can also seize the opportunity to attack in front of the net when encountering a small number of surfers. In addition, in terms of ball control and broken net technology, he can withstand the opponent’s strong serve. Not only will he use the hidden movements to complete the broken net technology, but also combine the selection, making it difficult for the opponent to exert his power in front of the net.


Net power actively creates all opportunities and conditions online, actively strives to surf the Internet, and passes the ball in the air, making the opponent unprepared. This style of play is very active and aggressive, but it is also risky! The tempering of opponents caused by speed and angle after using the Internet is difficult. McEnroe falls into this category. Excellent boardless basketball players can usually master the strategy of surfing the Internet by pitching and dribbling. Service technology is fierce, powerful and threatening. In addition, the attacking power of the volley ball and the high pressure ball is also very strong.

The integrated bottom line and the Internet play a combined use, combined with the opponent’s use of different play, random situations. Connors is a famous tennis player in the United States and belongs to this category. Excellent all-rounders are usually able to master all aspects of the game, including service, reception, volleyball and high pressure. The corresponding tactics can be adopted according to different opponents, different scores, and different scene situations. Sometimes the bottom line pulls, sometimes waiting for the opportunity to intercept, sometimes pulling hard, sometimes pulling steady. Sometimes cut out the light ball, sometimes pick out the top spin ball, make full use of various techniques, and combine the flexible footwork, ingeniously and flexibly take the initiative.


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